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Their reputation for being good people, thus, can eventually be used to further their purposes. They are generous, helpful, and charitable.

Synastry & Relationship Astrology:

Still, the tendency to live beyond their means is a real threat that many struggle with much of their lives. Another thing to watch for is depression. These people tend to go through periods of intense highs when they are excessively optimistic. These periods are so marked that they seem to be unnatural and a fall seems to be inevitable. They can make promises they intend to keep, but have a problem with follow-through. Self-control can be a real problem.

Crazy Relationships (Neptune, Pluto, Uranus)

Usually quite knowledgeable and generous with their time, these people have many talents that they may take for granted. He could get carried away when it comes to vocational choices, following rainbows! This going against himself, so to speak, may also bring him in opposition to those in authority. Help him examine carefully the choices he makes. Insist he finish what he begins, and insist he promise only that which objectively can be fulfilled.

Teach your child the importance of right timing and punctuality! Check the nature of the signs and houses that the Sun and Jupiter are in for greater insight in balancing the qualities of this polarity. Sun opposition Jupiter: You aim high, dream big dreams, and have a tremendous sense of what is possible for you to achieve. Generally, however, your great expectations and enterprising spirit lead to success.

For example, the Venus person might turn a blind eye to certain traits or activities of the Neptune person. After a few such incidents, the partner might decide to avoid saying these things altogether, and thus feeds the illusion. I have discussed a problem with a man I know that he has been having with his wife, with whom he is separating from.

Sexual Attraction

Another scenario involves a woman who is still very much hung up on a man who she was seeing on and off for about 2 years. The man stopped contacting her completely, without an explanation. It has been 3 years since the relationship ended, and although she has continued to date other people, she always brings up this man. The relationship ended, but it was not dissolved in her mind, and she drove herself crazy trying to figure out what happened.

You Light Up My Life: Sun in Houses in Synastry

She even told me that she feels like he is a dark cloud hanging over her, preventing her from moving on. So, there can be an ongoing struggle. The problem may be that our own expectations of ourselves are set too high, not only the expectations from the Neptune partner. The personal planet owner might be investing a lot of time, energy, and possibly money in some cases, into the relationship and the Neptune person seems to be taking these things without returning the favor. The Neptune person can be perceived as a tease, as someone who is leading the other person on, or as someone who promises something or seems to promise something that never comes true.

The Neptune person can stay just out of reach. There are many ways that Neptune in synastry can play out, and everything depends on the individuals involved how easily they fall into a Neptune role, for example, or how conscious they are of their behavior and also the other synastry aspects involved in the relationship.

This can happen in short-term relationships, but in longer-term relationships, the dance can vacillate. With Neptune strong in a relationship, there seems to be a promise of an extraordinary union, which some might consider a soul mate union, but not without a lot of work and complications along the way. This can be highly addictive to people who are seeking it. Those who fear or would prefer to avoid the complications of such a union might run scared, but both parties can be addicted to, or mesmerized by, the relationship.

There is usually an element of lack of fulfillment that is ongoing. There is a longing for something just out of reach, and a desire to love unconditionally. The parties involved can easily find they are lost in each other, or lost in the relationship, without rules and boundaries that keep them feeling safe and secure.

Aspect Patterns

Both parties can feel dependent on each other, even if it is more typical that the Neptune person ultimately renders him or herself inaccessible. With Venus-Neptune, the Venus person might feel that the Neptune person romantically departs, or is just out of reach romantically speaking. With Mars-Neptune, it can be a highly sexual interplay.

On a basic level, the Neptune person might initially come on strong, then begin to lose sexual interest. Or there can be a teasing going on, wherein the Neptune person always seems to promise sexual fulfillment.

Astrological indications for sexual attraction:

However, it is often about taking the lead in a relationship, broken promises about desires and activities, or the direction of the partnership. There can be sexual idealization here. However, over time I might begin to feel resentful of my dependency on him for these very same traits. He might seem to direct the partnership, to take the lead, and although on some level I want him to, on another level I might fight these feelings and resent his control over me or over the relationship.

If this plays out in the bedroom only, where role-playing can be considered an exciting and satisfying game, and if the Neptune person enjoys a submissive role, and the Mars person a dominant role, then this can definitely work!

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However, it can be tricky to handle in everday life. Relationships that feel addictive because they are troubled and unnecessarily complicated are usually Neptunian, although Pluto relationships can also feel like that, only Pluto challenges tend to be more about power. Relationships that seem to be grossly imbalanced, where one person is making many sacrifices in order to keep the relationship alive are also Neptunian in flavor. I also know a woman who is in a relationship that is really an extreme case of Neptunian addiction.

She is a single woman who has been seeing a married man on and off for 6 or 7 years. She complains about him constantly, about how he uses her for sex and never considers her needs, and breaks up with him for it. However, she never cuts the ties when she breaks up with him, he reappears and asks her to meet, she meets him, and she is back to square one.

They have been through too many breakups to count, and her life, she says, is miserable. This is an extreme example, of course. I suspect that one of the roots of the problem is that she is over 6 feet tall and self-conscious about it she also talks about her height a lot. She is afraid to move on and face rejection with a new man, instead falling back on a relationship with a man who has already accepted and enjoyed her height. I think the key to managing a challenged Neptune in synastry in a long term relationship is to be more conscious of our behavior, and this has to be the responsibility of both people involved.

In some cases, we can do the opposite — that is, overplay negative traits and underplay positive ones. Either way, we are failing to look at the person realistically. We are effectively projecting our own dreams and ideals, or fears, onto a person, instead of accepting them for who they are. If the goal is unconditional love, support, or acceptance, then we have to acknowledge the good and the bad, and not in exaggerated proportions either.