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The Moon enters Aquarius tonight, putting you in at the mood to socialize. Your planetary ruler Venus makes a harmonious connection with Uranus this evening— excitement is in the air! Unexpected emotions will pop up, and your intuition will be extremely strong. Surprises will pop up this morning, Cancer! Excitement will arrive in your career this evening. The Moon enters Aquarius later tonight, illuminating the intimacy sector of your chart. Surprises will arrive as you do your chores this morning, and thrilling opportunities will present themselves to you this evening.

The Moon enters Aquarius tonight, bringing your focus to your relationships. Unexpected shifts around love and creativity will take place this morning. Surprising emotions will come up tonight, but some exciting changes or risks could result from them! Continue to spread the good vibes today! There are multiple doors opening for you at the moment.

Take a closer look at these cosmic offerings. Not all of them are aligned with your soul purpose.

December 20

What do you do under these circumstances? Stop looking outside for answers, or allowing yourself to be influenced by the opinions of others. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Cosmic tip: Empower yourself to make the choices you need to in order to get ahead of the game. The law of action states that when you take a step in the direction of your dream, the Universe takes a giant leap in your direction. When the will to create is strong, nothing and nobody can come in your way. Sagittarius, continue to walk fearlessly on your path, knowing that victory will ultimately be yours.

You are making great progress. Remember to ground your energy so you can get to the finish line without running out of fuel.


Cosmic tip: Continue to walk fearlessly on your path, knowing that victory will ultimately be yours. Have you been blocking yourself from universal love? Let the walls down, Capricorn. Those who are meant to stay in your life will fight to be a part of it, no matter what.

Open your heart. You may feel like a certain someone in your life is being unusually harsh. Is this a pattern with them or are they going through some kind of personal chaos? Instead of resorting to war, sit down and have a chat with them. Your kindness is sure to melt their heart. Cosmic tip: Instead of resorting to war, hold space for an open and honest conversation.

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If you have been swimming upstream in certain areas of your life, let go of your false sense of control. Remember, we live in a vibrational Universe. Our thoughts create our reality. See what transpires when you believe good things come your way easily. It is thought to open the channels of power, communication and wealth.

Ancient Egyptians considered this a stone of life. Its name comes from the French expression Pierre tourques. Another birthstone considered beneficial for Sagittarius natives is Quartz. It symbolizes purity and openness. The flower considered to be representative for Sagittarius natives with December 20 is Narcissus. Narcissus suggests loyalty and trustworthiness. This zodiac flower could be used in gifts and accessories. Narcissus is said to influence individuals to reveal their true intentions.

This flower can be enjoyed during early spring time. This is a metal that symbolizes wisdom and progress. This zodiac metal should be used in all kinds of jewelry items that are to be worn frequently. Tin is said to influence emotions and instinctual reactions. This is called the metal of sages and scholars. Those born on December 20 are amazing at teaching others what they know, keeping people motivated and walking positively on the road to great achievements.

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In love and family they tend to be enthusiastic but also a bit conceited so they need to be won over before anything can happen. Handling finances, especially their own is their favorite thing and surely never bores them. In health, they are interested in their body image but don't always follow their weights properly and might suffer from different ailments with their hips and knees.

What do you believe is the gift people belonging to December 20 were offered by mother nature? Answer this poll and see how many people think like you:. This decan is strongly influenced by the Sun.

Horoscope today: December 20, 2018

This is representative for people who are ambitious and hard working just like Sagittarius and elegant but a little vain just like the Sun. This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of the Sagittarius zodiac sign, slightly enhancing the negative ones.

Being born on the 20th day of the month shows a person who is patient, task oriented but also imaginative and emotional. The numerology for December 20 is 2. This number reveals balance and partnerships. It is the representative number for the desire of harmony and peace.

Those Sagittarius associated with this numerology can become great mediators and with age they will only turn wiser, gentler and incredibly more considerate to other people. December is the first winter month in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing the first snow of the year and the Christmas celebrations.

Your daily horoscope: December 20 - The Globe and Mail

Those born in December are humorous and sociable. December 20 Zodiac people are attractive but impatient. The symbols for December include Turquoise and Zircon as gemstones and Narcissus as a plant. December 20 is the th day of the year, or the th day in leap years, in the Gregorian Calendar and there are 11 days left until the end of the year. The twentieth day of winter, this is also the International Human Solidarity Day. Sagittarius as popularity, is placed the tenth on the list of most common birth signs.

Positive meaning and spiritual energy, this is an odd numbered sign with a predominantly masculine symbolism. This is representative for extrovert people who are kind and unreserved. The archetype used to characterize this sign is the Guide. They make great medical professionals, especially dentists.