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Most key positions, such as the Ascendant rising sign , Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs and most house positions are currently interpreted with more interpretations forthcoming. Horoscopes should be read for your Sun sign and Ascendant.

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Mill Creek Brewing closes indefinitely in Nolensville. Tennessee doctor to plead guilty after 5 patients died of opioid overdoses. Country Mile: Get inside the past and future of country music. Education must be a priority in Tennessee. Priests were accused of sex abuse, then what happened? Help fight hunger with the Ms. Cheap Penny Drive.

The picturesque landscape of Amalfi Coast in Italy is calling you, and the stars have aligned just perfectly to take you where you belong. Fine-dine at this gorgeous island and take your time to climb the cliffs and explore this island. The Earth sign that you are, nature compels you more than anything else. Your ruling planet, Venus, pulls you close to the Port city of Salerno which is abundant in terraced vineyards and lemon groves.

Satiate your love for sophisticated tastes and exotic surroundings by taking a trip to Tuscany, Italy. Deck up in a cosy villa or pop open a bottle of fine Chinati to celebrate life. Also, plan a day to discover the finest artworks by Botticelli in France. When traveling domestically, Goa is your go-to-place. As sociable as a Gemini. Heard the saying? The saying goes well for the traveler in you. Given your unending love for the fast-paced city, New York is the place you should visit.

As lively as your personality, New York offers an array of opportunities and experiences for the social traveler in you. Not only that, New York is so full of possibilities and facilities which are already right there, just at your fingertips. Since the hot Mercury is your ruling planet, a getaway to the twin-city of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will feed your curiosity. A perfect mix of inquisitiveness and a quick pace, like your Zodiac, Jerusalem is definitely the suggested place for your vacation.

The city that never sleeps and the sign that never dims- Mumbai and Gemini go hand-in-hand. Mumbai is the hub for your frenzy side and you will certainly love the vibe that matches your personality just fine. Cancerians love their comfort zone and this feature makes them a homebody. A cancerian will step out of home only when the sun shines. A trip to the English countryside will certainly make you feel at home. The water element in Cancer is responsible for your choice of seas and islands.

Take a dip in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland and discover a new world beneath the sea.

Eclipse schedule in United States

Indulge in water-sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Enjoy peaceful moments to reconnect with yourself. The royal, fierce and regal Leos are artistic, exciting and bold. They let their hearts roar louder than their words. An inspiring and happening place that connects best to their wild spirit will unleash the fun in you. The beautiful island of Bali offers not only the luxurious spas and resorts but also acts as a perfect place for Leos to get on the island top and scream at the top of their voices!

The great story-tellers that Leo are, a trip to Buenos Aires will sum up your life experiences. News, weather, sports from Minneapolis, St. Paul and Minnesota

The nightlife at Buenos Aires will definitely give you the kick to rekindle your travel passion. Indulge in wine-and-dine or plan a hiking trip here. The hip bars, high-rise spas and quieter beaches perfectly complement the fiery Leos. Udaipur and Jaipur in India are the perfect travel destinations for Leos.


The royal and grandeur of the cities tune finely with the vigour of Leos. Although the ruling sign of Virgo is the Virgin yet the asteroid Chiron is the practical creator in astrology. The main characteristics of Virgo are organized, clear in head, luxury-lover and wellness. You are a helper by nature and seek comfort in a peaceful life. For all the ways you love to fix lives, Virgo, you definitely need nourishment for the same.

Malaysia offers you the opulence and comfort that you seek during travel.

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The trickling streams and private pools boost the unending energy inside you. A hike through Machu Picchu will get going the nature loving Virgo. The high trails will definitely inspire the enthusiastic Virgo. A cultural trip of Mumbai and Rajasthan will also add up to your analysing mind too.

Known as the most balanced sign in the Zodiac family, Libra derives it constellation name from the weighing scales. Fair judgement and love for peace and harmony are the major attributes of Librans. Although a hopeless romantic, you cannot help but still love all the beautiful things in life.

Librans appreciate everything well-weaved. The place that perfectly matches the symmetry in your life is Istanbul. When you hate to choose between Asia and Europe, Istanbul is always the answer. Nothing appeals the amorous Librans more than the city of Paris. Explore the City of Love to experience the love within your inner self.