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December 1 Sagittarius Personality

They are a friend to peace, law, justice, rarely starting a dispute — but when they do, it is for a good reason. Their nature is enthusiastic, very impulsive and even quite stubborn — for they have a determined goal in life for which they strive and want everything to come second. They show an exceptional tendency for developing higher mental capabilities — especially when it comes to scientific knowledge. A child born on this day is very sensitive and emotional, they need a kind environment.

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Frigidity or indifference make a very harmful influence on them, and experienced disappointments negatively impact their character. They like the company of other children, often trying to care for the impaired or needy.

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Their sympathies are wide and they show kindness to everyone around them. They may at times lack tact or diplomacy but they also radiate self-confidence, and this draws others to them.

December born | December Born | December born, Birthday month quotes, December quotes

Underneath their entertaining, occasionally superficial but always eyebrow-raising mask, however, they are far more deep and complex than others realize. After a rebellious childhood, at around the age of twenty there is an important turning point for these people lasting about thirty years.


During this period there are opportunities for them to become more pragmatic, orderly and structured in their approach to life. After the age of fifty-one there is an another important turning point which highlights a growing need for independence and for sharing some of their progressive ideas with others.

Throughout their lives they should never forget that they are free spirits, but if they can learn to be a little more diplomatic, cautious and self-aware they will find that they will not only be able to bring pleasure, love and enlightenment to the lives of others; they will also be able to blaze their own, highly original, trail through life. In their teens and twenties, people born on December 1 Zodiac may feel a bit shy when it comes to affairs of the heart.

But when they hit their thirties and beyond they come into their physical prime as charismatic, fun-loving and uninhibited lovers. People born on this day are often vigorous and athletic children, but as they get older they can be prone to weight gain, especially around the middle.

Over-indulgence in food or drink can be their downfall, as can accidents and injuries caused by sport or risk-taking. Exercising caution with their physical health is advised, as is scheduling regular health check-ups with their doctor, as they tend to ignore niggling health complaints until they get serious.

This is a wonderful symbol to show the initiative those born on this date have to move forwards and upwards, even when their destination is unclear. They often feel like it is their obligation to practice, learn, and move forwards with life even when an inner look is necessary for things to fall into place and for their heart to cleanse of past issues. The child within will need some assistance from figures of tenderness and care. The model of motherhood on the outside and the one carried within, along with unconditional love, are the prerequisites needed for them to achieve their goals and move up the path they chose.

It is interesting that Sagittarius representatives born on the 1st of December have Saturn as their focus point, since they often lack focus in long-term commitments and plans. On the other hand, they could go to a different extreme, where everything is planned down to the last detail, and their lives get the structure they seek, but not the faith needed to give themselves time to enjoy, rest, and love themselves as they should. Karma is to be repaid here, and true belief in higher forces needs to come from the heart in order for them to set free from burdening issues, worry, or health problems that come when too many emotions are shoved aside.

Warm and loyal, those born on December 1st are poor short-term partners when they cannot accept reality and other people, or good long-term partners who take a bit too much of their partner's responsibility.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

In general, their love life will go to one of these extremes, either being too disconnected and distant, or a bit stuck and lasting due to sharing processes that easily become symbiotic and dependent on their personal life force. Stubborn about their beliefs and choices, they could get difficult in close contact, expecting their partner to fit certain norms. However, this typically fades when they fall in love deeply and realize what's needed to keep their personal boundaries, and boundaries of others, safe.

In their youth, they might get strangely serious around people they find attractive, a bit lost about the spot that a new relationship could take.

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It might take a while for them to begin dating, for they approach this project studiously, as a process of learning just as any other, and wish to gather information and see their own abilities before they dedicate their life to one sole partner. They need someone who is calm, safe, and supportive of their working and financial routines, and judgment for their energetic drive could easily break their bond apart. Once they build enough trust in the one they love, they will stay loyal and committed for as long as possible.

Individuals born on December 1st are active and know where to start their journey.